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    Monday, 27 July 2015

    HOT JOKE... Throw It Away!!!

    Mr Bflash discovered that he was feeling pain all over his body, then, he went to his doctor for check-up. After the diagnosis, a conversation ensued:

    Doctor: Mr Bflash , I discovered that you have high blood pressure. Now take this bill. That is how much you are going to pay for your check-up.

    Besides, whatever will give you heart attack again, do not think about it but throw it away to avoid re-occurrence of heart attack.

    As Mr Bflash saw #150,000 on the bill, he tore it and threw it away. The doctor asked him why he did that, he said, “Doctor, I only followed your instruction. You said anything that would give me heart attack, I should not think about it but throw it away. I did that because the amount I saw in that bill that I’m going to pay would give me another heart attack.”

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