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    Saturday, 1 August 2015

    Psalm 23 by Bflash

    .The Lord na my shephard, i dey kampe.
    2. E make me sidon for where betta dey flow, and
    come put me next to stream make my bodi
    3. E panel beat my soul come spray am white,
    come dey lead  me dey go through express road of
    righteousness sake of Him name.
    4. Walahi !, even if I waka pass where Boko
    Haram, arm robber, 419 and juju people gather,
    come even
    join okada and trailer reach valley of the shadow
    of death sef, my bodi dey inside cloth. Your rod
    staff nko? Na so dem dey like back bone dey
    comfort me.
    5. You don prepare Egusi and Pounded yam make
    I chop. All my enemies jus sidon dey look waa
    waa like Dog. You rub me for head with vaseline
    intensive lotion & Goya olive oil. my cup con
    lik bar beach water.
    6. True true, beta life & mercy go de folo folo me
    4 back till I quench and man pikin go stand fit lik
    elephant 4 God house from lai lai till lai lai...