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    Sunday, 8 November 2015

    Hot Joke Of The Night

    There was a man working with 1 big textile company in ghana 1 day his wife is passing by his office and decided to say hi to her husband for not knowing that her husband is making love to his secretary in his office on getting their she saw the secretary sitting on her husband laps, she was shocked but the man defend him self by saying
    budget or no budget he can not be sharing the same chair with his secretary anymore. The wife asked

    Wife: honey what is the meaning of this?

    Husband: honey am tired of this company for years now we lack chairs, and we have been making budget for chairs, that's how am sharing this chair with my secretary.

    Wife: so this thing is every where,  that's how my manager has been sharing his chair with me

    Husband: WHAT......!!!!!!!!!