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    Wednesday, 11 November 2015

    See How Condom Help Someone In Escaping Bullet


    See How Condom Help Someone In Escaping Bullet

    This is a true life story that just happened last month April, it happened in Port Harcourt at Sani Abacha road, a man escaped gun shot "with the help of condom".

    Mr. David Kings was the victim, that day he was coming back from church with some of his church member’s  after their Tuesday service, they were heading straight  to their various houses, on getting to Sani Abacha road that day there were a heavy conflict, everybody was running hater scatter, Mr. David was confuse when they got to that point because cultist has taken over every where,  and the boys were fighting them self’s , the fight was so serious that  they pulled out guns and they began to shoot any how and bullet’s were flying here and there, so many sustained injuries.

    Mr. David was one of the victim, in his own case he was shot in his chest by a stray bullet and he fell down, people started shouting  and calling for help, some call ambulance other’s called the police.

    What surprised every body was that the shot Mr. David stood up and every body was surprised until Mr. David dip his hand in his pocket on his chest and pulled out the bullet and he dip his hand again and pulled out a packet of Gold Circle Condom, every body shouted “Omo see bullet proof”.

    The question now is how is he going to give his testimony in church?????

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