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    Sunday, 21 February 2016

    Bflash Hot Joke Again!!


    Bflash was very happy as he made his exam for the first time in his life, he has been a failure in times of academic. Bflash has been failing class work, home work and correction. that day he ran home to present his result to his parents.

    Bflash: mummy here is my result i took first!

    Mummy: praise the lord!! my son has made it for the first time

     Bflash ran inside the sitting room to show his father

    Bflash: daddy here is my result i made it!

    Daddy: Bflash lay down there and close your eyes, Obina bring me cain

    Bflash: daddy i said i made it

    Daddy: shut up and lay down!

    His dad started beating him with cain on till he started vomiting blood

    Mummy: honey stop! do you want to kill him, what has he done, you should be happy for his success

    Daddy: your son went and stole some one result

    Mummy: how did you know

    Daddy: I know he can never make it, that is what i was doing in my day's in school our family heads is only 5megabite it doesn't  contain much

    When Bflash result finally came out it was nothing to write about, he took 49 out of 50 the only person he  gaped was Mary his cousin.

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