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    Monday, 29 February 2016

    Hot Joke!! Bflash and the he Goat

    Bflash went to a native doctor for money ritual
    Baba told him to go and buy a he goat, and then he went to the market to buy a he goat

    Bflash: Mallam how much are you selling your goat
    Mallam: That one na #30,000 naira
    Bflash: What……????
                  Is it a cow??

                  Give me small money own
    Malla: I get 30,000, 20,000, 10,000 and 5,000 naira
    Bflash: Is too cost bring it more down
    Mallam: I get one day old goat, that one na 200 naira
    Bflash: Bring that one, goat na goat

    After buying a day old goat he return to the shrine

    Bflash: Baba am here with the goat
    Baba: My son you are rich!!
    Bflash: praise thy lord!!!!!
    Baba: shout up here is not church
    Bflash: I have heard you pastor! Preach on……..
    Baba: how much are you making a day?
    Bflash: Baba am making 5,000 naira per day
    Baba: the age of your goat determine how you will make per day  if your goat is
                100 days = 100,00, 50 days = 50, 000 and if your goat is a day old you will make
                 1 naira per day.
                 Go home and smile reach boy!!
    Bflash: Blood of Zachariah!!!!!

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