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    Monday, 22 February 2016

    See What Condom Can Do To Human Hair

    I know this is going to shock you but is a true life story that happen in Asia ( Afghanistan).

    It was a contest between medical doctor's who were trying to discover what latex can do to human hair, so they started gathering  some apparatus for the experiment.

    Initially some of them has already done so experiment with latex, they did their experiment with other apparatus, some came with result's while some din't come out with any positive result.

    How ever doctor Malalai Azita condemned all the result the other medical doctors produced,then he gave his reason why he condemned their result, he condemned it because they did not use human hair rather the used cow and horse hair's, that is the reason  why he condemned their result.

    Doctor Malalai Azita told the medical team that his own experiment is going to be conducted with human hair, as the senor doctor they have to provide every thing for doctor Malalai Azita. They brought condom and also brought a lady called Alima Fariba, according to what doctor malalai Azita requested for the experiment, they medical team gathered at the medical lab that day, waiting for doctor to conduct his experiment.

    The senior doctor (doctor Azita) held mrs. Alima Fariba's hair in parts and he wore her the condom on each part of her hair and applied heat on it, for hours she was wearing the condom on her hair.

    The result came out and the doctor's were amazed on what day saw on her head. Mrs. Alima Fariba' hair coiled and was nice and it was looking like relaxer was applied on it.

     That was the conclusion of their experiment, and Mrs. Alima Fariba was paid heavily.

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